Best wedding decision so far: Choosing a band over a DJ

Since I've started this blog journey recording all of the planning and crafting elements of my big day, I may have forgotten to mention one of the things I'm most excited about for Kevin and I's reception: the live band!

Before we were even engaged, I had told Kevin that one of the things I wanted at our wedding more than anything else was a live band over a DJ.  Thankfully he agreed, and my parents - who are so generously helping fund our wedding - also felt it was a worthwhile investment, and I couldn't agree more.  I have been a huge live music lover for as long as I can remember, so I don't think it surprised anyone when I made it known that I wanted an authentic music experience on a day that's meant to express who Kevin and I are as a couple.

Now I'm aware of the fact that not every engaged couple is willing to shell out thousands of dollars for a band at their wedding, but if you're good at sticking to a budget like I am and are willing to make some sacrifices, a live band is totally and completely worth the investment.  It also helps when you're familiar with the musicians you're hiring and can trust in their ability to do a great job and keep your guests entertained, which is the case for our wedding band.  Over the past few years I've seen two of the band mates, Jimmy and Mike, play live multiple times and they're nothing short of fantastic.  Great guys who play a solid set list full of music we love, who want nothing more than for everyone to enjoy themselves and have a good time.  May I introduce to you: Element 13.

And here's a little clip of Jim and Mike playing at a venue here in Milwaukee a few years ago:

Have I convinced you yet?  If not, here are a few reasons why I think you should choose a live band over a DJ for your wedding:

-Most of your guests won't remember the food that you served or the favors you gave, but they WILL remember whether or not they had a good time.  A band is nothing short of the best entertainment you can provide (with the exception of drunk Aunt Sally and her crazy dance moves).  They can engage your guests and entertain them in a way that a DJ can't.
-The energy level provided by live music is completely different than a DJ, and usually encourages people to get up and dance.  They set the energy and the mood level, which a DJ can't really do.
-A live band of a high caliber has the flexibility to perform nearly every genre you want to hear.  Lucky for us, Element 13's playlist is exactly the type of music we love: lots of 80's and 90's tunes with a little bit of country and current songs thrown in.

The way I see it: your wedding is a special day, maybe the most special day in your life, and there is nothing more ceremonious or celebratory than live music.  You have one chance to dance with your spouse for the first time as a married couple. Do you want it to be to the same recording that was played on the radio for the past 20 years or do you want it to be a completely unique performance, just for you two?

For me, sacrificing a three-course plated dinner, an ornately decorated cake, and fresh flowers from a florist are completely worth it if it means I get to create a one-of-a-kind experience at my wedding.  I can't wait!

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