The Wedding Favor War

wedding favor crate holder

I think my now-husband and I are two of the only people who think that wedding favors are a joke.  I mean, really...let's be honest with ourselves here.  Who goes to a wedding and actually expects a wedding favor?  And who really wants to go home with a matchbook/set of coasters/candles that have someone else's wedding date on them?  Don't get me wrong: I'm all about showing my guests that I'm thankful for their presence at my wedding.  But don't we automatically convey that by supplying free booze, free food, and free entertainment?!  (Not to mention a free shuttle to take them to their hotel?!) 

Initially Kevin and I weren't even going to do wedding favors, due to the reasons mentioned above.  But after a few conversations with some family and friends it was decided that we should at least offer something as a thank-you gift to our wedding guests.  At first I was really hooked on the idea of doing bags of Girl Scout cookies (because...1. I was a Girl Scout for 10+ years, 2. it's for a good cause, and 3. THEY'RE GIRL SCOUT COOKIES), but after a particularly entertaining discussion with Kevin's parents it was decided that we should do drink koozies instead.

I know what you're thinking. ...Drink koozies?  Really?  Trust me when I say that while I would have loved to give something a little less cheesy and a little more creative, it wasn't a war I felt like fighting.  After all, both of our families are from Wisconsin so you know they'll get some use.  Better than a bag of Jordan almonds, right?

wedding favor drink koozies

While the drink koozies themselves may have been lacking in creativity, the container that held them wasn't!  I bought this crate on sale at Michael's, stained it with some walnut stain leftover from another project, and decorated it with a cute little "take one" sign out of muslin scraps and twine.  The best part about using crates as wedding decorations: you can re-use them after the wedding to decorate your house (for storing blankets, hanging on the wall as a shelf...the possibilities are endless).

wedding favor crate holder

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