A Tour of Our Home: a Master Bathroom Update (Before & After)

Since we closed on our house Kevin and I have talked about multiple changes and updates that we want to make to various rooms inside.  One of the first changes we made was updating our upstairs master bathroom!  This was actually the very first project we tackled in the house, but I didn't get to posting it until now.

Here's what it looked like before (pardon me crouching in the first one):

And  after:

DIY bathroom before and after

I guess I should say that we didn't make any major changes to the bathroom; most of what we did was just cosmetic.  But the one bigger change we did make that I think made a huge difference in the space was removing the medicine cabinet and replacing the large mirrors that were above the sinks.

The mirrors were just clipped on so they were easily removed, but the cabinet was another story. Initially we thought that the cabinet was just screwed to the wall, but after removing the wood trim around the edge of the cabinet we discovered that it was actually set into the wall.  Which meant that once the cabinet was ripped out we were left with this:


While this wasn't the best discovery it allowed Kevin to brush up on his handyman skills and learn some new things, like how to patch a hole in drywall (cue sarcastic enthusiasm).   It took Kevin and his buddy Jason an entire afternoon and five trips to Home Depot to finish the job, but eventually the wall looked like this:

(Sorry for the super bad picture quality - this was taken from the text Kevin sent showing me his handiwork.)  If you were really paying attention you'd notice that they also removed the electrical socket that was in the middle of the wall.

After the wall was completely patched and dried we were able to paint (Color: Behr "Restful").  Normally painting is a fairly simple process, but since the walls in our bathroom have a sand texture on them we had to try and add the same texture to the patched area of the wall which was easier said than done.  Who knew  so many products existed for adding texture to your walls?!  It took a few tries to find a product that matched the existing look on our walls, and took even more tries to figure out how to apply it in the same way.  Word to the wise: buy the wall texture stuff that comes in a can.  It goes on WAY easier than buying the bag of texture sand, adding it to your paint, and attempting to apply it with a roller.  Just my two cents.

I also included a few unique and sentimental items in the space.  I found these heavy iron towel rings at Hobby Lobby....

and this rustic scrap wood sign at Francesca's.

The wine bottles displayed on the shelf in the center of the mirrors are from our wedding reception.  (They were used as table centerpieces.)  I sold the rest to another bride but kept my three favorites as keepsakes, and I love that I have a place to display them.  The distressed shelf is from Hobby Lobby.

I also have one of our wedding invitations hanging up.  While I might eventually transition these pieces into other spaces in the house, for now I think they match the decor of the bathroom pretty nicely.

There are still two big changes I want to make to this space: staining the cabinets darker (the orange oak has GOT to go!) and installing new hardware.  But those projects will just have to wait.  One thing at a time, right?

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