DIY: Industrial Pipe Shelving

DIY industrial pipe shelving

For those who have been following along you know that Kevin and I recently updated our downstairs bathroom.  In addition to painting the walls and buying some new decor we also installed new industrial pipe shelving.  These new shelves give this small space a whole new look and we were able to complete the whole project for under $50!  Can't beat that.

Before we started the bathroom makeover the wall space above the toilet was consumed by this wood cabinet.  Granted it's not the ugliest cabinet in the world, but I figured we could come up with a better solution.

Here's what our new shelves looked like once installed:

DIY industrial pipe shelves

Muuuuch better, right?!

DIY industrial pipe shelves

Here's how you can make some industrial pipe shelving yourself, and I promise it's super easy.

What you'll need:
-6 1/2" x 8" nipples
-6 1/2" floor flanges
-6 1/2" caps
-Black textured spraypaint
- 1 8" x 1" x 10" board, cut to size.  (We had the handy people at Home Depot cut it for us)
-Wood stain of choice (for this project I used Minwax Special Walnut)

Off we went to our neighborhood Menard's to pick up all of our needed supplies.  We found all of the hardware in the plumbing section.  Here's a little visual aid in case you're having a hard time hunting these pieces and sizes down:


Once we got home I assembled all of the hardware, making sure that each pipe was screwed in evenly so all the shelves would stick out from the wall at the same distance.  After everything was put together I took them outside and gave them a couple coats of black textured spraypaint.  In the below picture you'll notice that I also spraypainted the screws - this was so that my screws would match the rest of the hardware once it was installed.  Way easier than trying to paint them with a q-tip or something afterwards!

DIY industrial pipe shelves

This Rust-oleum textured paint did a really great job.

While waiting for the spraypaint on my hardware to try I stained my shelves using a couple of old rags.  Multitasking at it's finest, people.

DIY industrial pipe shelves

Once the spraypaint was dry it was time to attach the shelves to the wall.  Here's my hunky husband using masking tape, a ruler, and a level to map out where each shelf would go.

Getting warmer.....

DIY industrial pipe shelves

It's very important to make sure that at least one side of your shelving hardware is being screwed into a stud.  Since these fixtures are heavy, the last thing you want is for them to fall out of the wall and conk somebody in the head while they're sitting there doing their business.

DIY industrial pipe shelves

Hopefully the Industrial trend sticks around for awhile and continues to be popular because I'm loving how these turned out.  I'm already looking for ways to incorporate this same style into other areas of our home.  Got any ideas?  Send them my way!

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