It's been decided: a barn wedding

After weeks of e-mails, phone calls, tours, and pros-and-cons list-making, Kevin and I finally decided on where we're having our wedding and reception: Century Barn in Mount Horeb, WI.

This venue is has everything we were looking for: it's a unique space that allows us to host our wedding as well as our reception with both indoor and outdoor elements.  We're able to choose whatever vendors we want, and are also able to have the day before and after to set up and clean up.  Not only does it have the rustic feel that I had in mind, but it lends itself so well to so many different decorative elements.  I can't wait for everyone to see it on the big day!

To finally have a venue picked out is such a relief.  We were stuck between Century Barn and one other venue for quite some time, but ended up choosing the barn in the end because it better suited our large guest list (that's what you get for having parents with 5+ siblings on both sides!).

We've also chosen our photographer: Bobbi Peterson, aka: Salty Peanut Photography.  She has a very artistic, journalistic approach and shoots her photographs with an antique timelessness in mind, which I love.  Not to mention she's the sweetest woman ever!

Next on the list: figuring out a caterer.  Lucky for us that just means getting to sample barbeque at a few different places in Madison.  No complaints here :)  Wish us luck!

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