Wedding Ceremony Signage

Happily ever after handwritten wedding sign

Now that Kevin and I have spoken our vows, ate some cake, danced the night away, and traveled to Jamaica and back for our Honeymoon, it's FINALLY time to start recapping all of the beautiful handmade elements that I made for our wedding day!  Throughout my school days I always had decent handwriting, but through the last few years I've really developed my calligraphy skills.  Add to that a whole Pinterest board filled with fancy handwritten words, and I had plenty signage inspiration to incorporate into our wedding reception space.

We'll start with the outside of our venue first!  For our wedding ceremony, rather than printing off hundreds of paper wedding programs I decided to just write all of the information on a big sign instead, which was displayed right at the entrance of the ceremony space.  To make my handwritten words wouldn't get smudged, I used a white paint marker on a big piece of black foam core instead of a chalkboard which is less permanent.  Using black foam core was not only cheaper, but also lighter and easier to carry!  I found the frame at Goodwill.

chalkboard wedding program sign

The "Booze, BBQ and booty shaking sign" was inspired by an image I saw on Pinterest.  My mom and I had already collected a bunch of old barn boards for the table centerpieces, so we just used the scraps to put this together.  For the letters I initially sketched them out in chalk, and then traced over them in white acrylic paint.
wedding reception ceremony booze BBQ booty shaking sign
This described our wedding in a nutshell.

Below are some additional decorative signs that I made for inside our venue.  Our card box is actually a glass terrarium that I bought from Kohl's last year.  The white birds were purchased from Michael's, along with the small white frame used for the "cards" sign.

wedding terrarium card box sign

Happily ever after handwritten wedding sign

Another piece of signage displayed at our wedding: our seating chart.  For this I just used some burlap to cover an old bulletin board that used to hang in my childhood bedroom.  Each table assignment was typed up on large shipping tags, which tied into the design of our save-the-date envelopes.  From there, each tag was pinned to the bulletin board using pearl-decorated push-pins bought from Michael's.

wedding reception burlap shipping tag seating chart

wedding reception burlap shipping tag seating chart

One of the last signage elements that we included in our reception space were "Meet the Maids" and "Meet the Men" signs, which allowed our guests to get a better idea of who was in our wedding party from a more personal perspective.  To display the descriptions I attached both of them to some old window panes that I found at an antique store.

Meet the Maids wedding sign

Meet the Groomsmen wedding sign

There are even more decorative elements that were included in our reception space, but those will have to wait for another post!


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